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            “Secret Article Profits Report”           

How the ‘new’ form of article marketing can make you rich online!

Introduction :

A fair word of warning – if you’re looking and expecting to see a hype filled, filler-stuffed and self promoting repor…be prepared to be sorely disappointed. Yes, it’s a free report. Yes, you may pass it around freely. But this report is not like many others. This is one hell of a content-packed report. One that might keep you awake at night thinking of the possibilities… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Here’s what to expect:

➡ ÖYes, I’ll be asking you to seriously consider buying Secret Article Profitsat the end of the report.

➡ ÖYes, I’ll be dispending good, solid and ‘monetizable’ content so that you can get started to making money even if you don’t buy anything.

The Concept of Article Marketing :

Now more popularly and affectionately know as ‘Bum marketing’. Sounds weird and cheesy – I know. That’s why I still call it article marketing.

The Concept :

“Write a series of keyword-targeted articles in various niches and submit them to the elite authority sites online. Continually add these keyword-targeted articles and get ranked for them on Google. Monetize the traffic by sending them to an affiliate link you’re promoting in that niche”

Everything you do to write for profits begins with one bite-sized article.

Think about it, all you need to do is to actually just write ONE article in ONE niche. (All the other articles in that niche is actually a branch-out of that one article)

:: These articles can be used for affiliate marketing – The article marketing methods which I’ll be teaching.

:: These articles can be used for content in your blogs and your website sucking in traffic and bringing in your Adsense cash.

:: You can sell these articles’ rights for quick money

:: You can bundle and combine these articles together to create an e-report or e-book to sell or give away…. The list goes on and on !

Let’s just touch on article marketing in its truest and most profitable form right now…

Step 1: Find a nicheStart finding and researching a niche NOW.

Don’t worry about what you can’t or can write.

Don’t worry about keyword research and keyword optimization. If you’re gonna start somewhere let this be it!

– Finding a target market and making it your niche.

Your “market” really is just a group of people with a common specialized interest for which they are willing to spend money on.

Broad Markets

•Soccer betting

•Weight gain

•Make money online

•Men’s fashion

•Time management…

More Specific Markets:

•Agatha Christie’s readers

•Liverpool Football club fans

•Parenting skills for young dads…

I could go on and on but you get the idea! (By the way, I consider myself to be part of all the “target markets” above…except for the very last one!)

It’s a fallacy to think that niche research is complex because it isn’t! In fact, it boils down really to this:

1.Identify a target market List down some like I listed them above

2.Find a product for the target market Look in places like Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, Clixgalore and Shareasale.

3.See if these products sell

This works two ways :

(ONE) Finds you a good affiliate product to promote and (TWO) helps you determine if the target market is a viable one to enter.

4.Find other target markets.

Rinse and repeat step 1-3 and have a list of at least good 3-6 niches you want to enter.

There you have it – your no frills niche research steps!

Simple isn’t it?                    


       ➡ NOTE: In Secret Article Profits, one of the first things teach is to get your target market research right! I reveal the exact     websites you go to ‘hear’ the ground and look for ‘hot’ niches to go in right away!                                                                                                       


Step 2: Check out the competition!

Do a search on Google for the ‘logical’ keywords that an article marketer would use.

For example, in the ‘soccer betting’ niche I could go search for “soccer betting in the English premier league” or something.

Do this till you get a couple of results.

And by ‘results’ I mean articles, pages,

classifieds, ads, Web 2.0 pages that get ranked high (pages 1-3) enough in Google for people to find and for them to monetize.

Next, analyze and dissect their pages.

See what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Make copious notes and write down what impresses upon you – good and bad.

Note: Don’t get too worried if you can’t find any competition!

It either means that you’re not searching the correct phrases, you don’t have any competition or it is just not a viable niche.

I always tend to believe that I don’t have competition.

This works great because it cuts out the guess work and just forces me to get down and start working on it !

Step 3: Keyword Research!

Fire up Overture’s keyword research tool and

Google Keyword Tool

Start searching and ‘drilling’ down on your main keyword. Take these keywords and search for them on Google. (Note: Search for them using quotes meaning you type “” around the keywords)

Keep searching for those keywords on Google AND Keep a look out for the search results on the top right hand corner of the browser.

You’ll need to ping-pong back and forth between Overture’s keyword research tool and Google.com. Bear with it!

Be really excited when you see search results for any particular keyword that is between the ranges of 1000-7000 results.

(Make sure that they, at least, appear inside overture’s results.) Collect and compile a list of 20 keywords in your niche.


            ➡NOTE: In Secret Article Profits, I include a ‘secret’ hidden step called ‘easy pickings’ time which really teaches you how to string together key-phrases for a UNLIMITED SUPPLY of highly searched (yet low or no competition) keywords! Never be starved of keywords and phrases again!  

Step 4: Write your articles and submit them!

I use these:







These are all you really need actually!

EzineArticles is the REAL giant here as it is the one that gets me into the top spot of Google most consistently.

Get an account for each of those above and you’re really to go! Now do you have your 20 keywords with you? Excellent!

These 20 keywords WILL BE the title of your articles. The title of an article carries the most weight! Remember that!

Here are a few pointers when it comes to writing titles for your articles:

Be very specific:–

– Three [insert keyword] To A Successful…. –

– Four Ways You Can [insert keyword


[Insert keyword]… In Only 3 Days Or Less!

[Insert keyword]… In Just One Weekend!

Are you afraid of writing?

Remember you don’t have to be grammatically correct.

In fact some of the more profitable articles I’ve written sound very ghetto!

You’re not writing to be graded or for an exam. You’re writing for profits! I follow this very simple rule:

1.Tell them what I’m going to tell them (Introduction)

2.Tell it to them (Body)

3.Tell them what I just told them (Conclusion)

Another ‘trick’ I use is to bait the readers. I give them good solid information but I leave some information out so that they will click on my resources for more information!

Don’t break up your phrases in your title! “10 top lavender gardening” is fine but “gardening lavender” or “lavender and gardening” is NOT!


          ➡ NOTE: Of course when you get Secret Article Profits, you’ll have access to the Secret Article Component #2 which is a full-blown report that willliterally force your hand to pump out cash sucking articles almost effortlessly at lightning speed! Really       A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! 


Step 5: Resource :

Ok on to the resource box!This is very important and it could make or break you!
For EzineArticles.com you can’t insert a direct affiliate link neither can you insert a re-direct affiliate link!
So what can you do?
Register an
.info domain name and set the domain to forward it to a URL! Problem solved!
xxx.com/xxx ? Nope!
Xxxx.info? Yes!
I do it this way: 1 link re-directs to the affiliate link (xxx.info domain name) and another directs to a blog where it is filled with content and more articles.
(You can see the exact niche I’m in and the blog where I put the articles in the ‘Case Study’ report.)Back to the resource box – Your resource box should:1.Arouse curiosity2.Offer an immense overt benefit! 3.Clear call to action Maybe it’s oversimplified but I’ve stuck to those3 guidelines and it works like a charm for me.Let’s re-cap shall we?Step 1: Find a nicheStep 2: Check out the competition!Step 3: Keyword Research!Step 4: Write your articles and submit them!Step 5: Resource BoxYou can choose to ignore and throw aside what is presented to you here but these 5 steps alone can make you some very cool cash. It’s up to you to take action now!I’ve no doubt armed with this information you’d be ready to make some serious money in the next 2-3 weeks BUT (there’s always a but!) it leaves you with some ‘fill in the blanks’That’s why I strongly recommend Secret Article Profits.In this comprehensive article marketing course,I go beyond ‘normal’ article marketing.I cover stuff like building a hyper-responsive list for free from articles.I teach you how to promote your articles and drive boat loads of targeted traffic using FREE social traffic generation methods (Web 2.0 sites)I also teach you how to build Adsense profits from the visitors you’re getting from article marketing!Bottom-line: You can start making money in just 7 days with Secret Article Profits.That’s it, that’s my call-to-action.It’s up to you to act on the information or not. I’ve done my part, I’ve presented my piece.

Click on the buton below to find out more!

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I hope you’ve found this e-report useful and I’m looking to forward to adding your name to the testimonials on my site when you’ve ordered, applied and profited from it!

Sincerely, Dylan Loh Founder – Secret Article Profits

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