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2. Advertise to The World

Ok, I am exaggerating when I say advertise to the world.

What happen is we run a PPC program.

We reward publishers and marketers to show your ads on their websites and in their tracking links.

Let’s look at the stats…

Our ad impressions are more than 400k per day. Our ad widgets are shown in over 4,000 websites and blogs PLUS over 30,000 trackers that are shown in the most popular traffic exchanges, Paid To Click(PTC) programs, safelists, and forums.

Is this the industry you want to target?

If your answer is YES, then we offer you a shortcut to reach out across the entire industry.

            “LeadsLeap is light years ahead of every other lead generation tool I have used. The tools are easy to use, and they are absolutely unique :-). LeadsLeap has produced quality traffic for my other half’s blog, which is in a very small and specialized niche. It also produces quality signups for every program I have advertised to date. I look forward to using LeadsLeap for a long long time!”
Eva j Landry

3. Get Search Engine Traffic

One of the proven ways to get quality leads is by writing product reviews and getting traffic from the Search Engines.

LeadsLeap operates a search engine optimized Social Review Directory – Take a look at it HERE.

Not any kind of content will rank well in the Search Engines.

First, is an aged authority site.

Second, the Social Review is a consolidated review directory, with unique and fresh reviews being added from time to time.

It is a great resource for people looking for different reviews from real users.

Search Engines love our Social Review because it provides true values to their users.

            “Social Review is incredible! I’ve already received a lot of clicks for the programs I’m promoting. The review for one of my programs is on the #1 page in Google’s search results. It’s a very good way for generating an endless stream of traffic for our sites!”

David Martinet

4. Multiply A Few Leads Into Thousands

LeadsLeap system comes with a 10-level network builder.

Imagine if you refer 10 people to LeadsLeap and they do the same, you will have 100 extra followers at Level 2, 1000 followers at Level 3, 10000 followers at Level 4…… and 10 billion followers at level 10!

Well, that’s in theory.

Realistically, it’s much lower. But still pretty explosive!

Take a look at the case studies below:

feature imgYou may be wondering, “Is this MLM?”

No, we are not.

Our 10-level network is only for leads building purpose. Our program is free to join. Our affiliate program is a one-level affiliate program. It’s free to become an affiliate.

             “Is this a safelist? Will I be flooded with tons of emails?”

We are NOT a safelist or mailer system. Members can’t email members.

“Then, how do I contact my 10-levels of followers?”

We have a unique, sustainable and annoyance-free communication system that allows you to reach out to 10 levels of your followers unobtrusively.

This system is more effective and more sustainable than member-to-member email or private message.

Here’s what our members said…

“This Downline-Text-Message feature is a really intelligent way to stay in touch with your people without annoying them, and yes, this feature goes 10-Levels deep. So you will not only be able to reach your personally referred people, but all they refer, and all they refer, and all they refer, and so on until the 10th level.”

Till Geissinger
“When I first joined LeadsLeap, I really didn’t know how well it would work but figured it’s worth a try. I’ve been a pro member since the first day I joined, and looks like I will stay this way til the end. The traffic has helped a lot, the downline messages have generated buyer leads, and the commission of $137.88 today makes it even more profitable. It has opened new ways for my blog to be profitable as well, so why would I ever stop using this platform? Great job on creating LeadsLeap, I’m glad I made this decision.”

Jaye Carden

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